René Furterer Complexe 5 Regenerating Extract 12 Ampules 5 ml.
Hair Cream & Balsam | René Furterer | Reference: 151282

Complexe 5
Regenerating Extract

Tones the Scalp, Strengthens the Hair

With stimulating essential oils.

A blend of stimulating essential oils of lavender and orange, Complexe 5 cleanses and tones the scalp, while strengthening tired hair. In the Rene Furterer method, it prepares and reinforces the action of the Rene Furterer treatments by stimulating microcirculation.

Recommendations for Use
Apply to scalp section by section before shampooing.
Massage to ensure penetration.
Leave in for 5 minutes. Do not rinse.

Apply Tonucia shampoo in case of fine, tired hair Or Apply the Rene Furterer treatment adapted to your scalp, section by section, then use your Rene Furterer treatment shampoo.

Once a week : - as part of your treatment or - in association with Tonucia treatment to tone the scalp and strengthen tired hair.

5 mintues after application, Complexe 5 increase the penetration of treatment products tenfold and optimizes their effectiveness

Available on demand.

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